TRG is an interior design strategy that aims to transform a generic space into the flagships-store for a clothing brand.

The project is divided into two key parts: the background and the figure. Without altering the existing spatial configuration of a commercial space located in the center of Madrid, the superficial coverings of ceilings, floors, and walls are removed to reveal the original base on which to work. This strategy is designed to be applicable to different spaces, creating something like a generic container space container. This defines the first part of the project: the background.

In contrast, the figure becomes a technical element specifically designed for its intended function: a modular structure to accommodate the different needs of the store, such as product displays, hangers, visual barriers, mirrors or doors or handrails. To highlight the independence of these elements from the hosting space, they are shaped using circular sections, contrasting with the commonly found orthogonality in these kind of commercial spaces. These shapes virtually extend beyond the boundaries of the container space, creating abrupt intersections that give rise to unexpected spaces, resulting from the collision of two different design languages. These gaps and junctions are used as fitting rooms, storage areas or private spaces for staff.

All these elements were designed to be produced in a single workshop and subsequently transported and installed in the existing spaces. The modules were dimensioned to be easily transportable by two people and fit through a standardized door opening of 80 cm. This opened up the possibility of working with highly precise technical elements, as they could be fully produced in a workshop, resulting in a level of detail more akin to a machine than a simple clothing rack.

All the elements used in this project were produced in stainless steel with different finishes and forms depending on their application. This approach also optimized production, reducing material waste and avoiding the involvement of different professionals for the execution of a single element.

Finally, a suspended curtain from the ceiling allows for the separation of the public and visible area of the store from the private and operational area.

TRG serves as the mother-project from which other stores will follow the same guidelines.

TRG was designed and built by BURR (E.Fuertes, R.Martínez, A.Molins, J.Sobejano) in Madrid in 2020. Amanda Bouzada and Jesús Meseguer were part of the team. Alcalaína Refrigeración was in charge os the stainless steel.

The outcome was photographed by Maru Serrano.