Pine Fresh

Pine Fresh is an installation for the Madrid Design Fest.

Industry often provides us with hidden sensations in its products. Its perfumes and fragrances hide the construction of idyllic sceneries and sensorial journeys we are forced to encounter on a daily basis. Waves breaking on the shores of Southeast Asia, bedsheets hanging in a wild mountain landscape on a sunny day, lavender fields stretching to infinity, fruit-tree plantations in spring, lush forests after a recent rain, cinnamon and nuts by the heat of a fireplace. «Enjoy the coolness and relaxation of the sea water. Its stimulating perfume will make you feel a pleasant sensation of purity and well-being, providing all the freshness». Strangely enough, products closely related to dirtiness, disorder or illness are the ones that most evoke these images. Transformed into weapons of disinfection, they purge everything that is out of place to return to «that beautiful smell of cleanness» in the words of Cristina Lucas. They build a so-called «clean smell», an abstract desire. Smell has a powerful impact in the subconscious, greater than any of the other senses, with the capacity of recovering past experiences and provoking affective reactions. Perfumed products create self-referential, artificial visions that only exist on the labels of floor scrubbers, air fresheners, washing powder or tissue wrappers. They are commercial aromas that evoke cleanliness through image. Experiences designed for the consumer to enjoy an idyll. Pine Fresh is an aromatic installation in two atmospheres. Two spaces wrapped in perfumed bin bags, looking for sensations that make the visitor travel to two dreamlike landscapes: a fresh lavender plantation and a pine forest by a lake. Both spaces are connected by a citrus space, which stimulates the mind and lifts up the spirit. Pine Fresh is a concatenation of dreamlike landscapes.

Pine Fresh is an installation by Taller de Casquería (E. Fuertes, R. Martínez, A. Molins, J. Sobejano, L. Pérez) for the 2016 Madrid Design Fest, commissioned by Istituto Europeo di Design. The outcome was photographed by Maru Serrano.