Panoramah Experience is an exhibition display for Jofebar. 

Since the beginning of the 20th century, getting a car up in the air, making it fly, has been a major element in the collective imaginary linked to the idea of progress. It is one of the great unfulfilled promises of the progressist narrative, which since the 60’s we have consumed through movies, novels or other fiction formats. The levitating car, suspended in the air, became a popular symbol to identify magic intervention or unknown future. Our display proposal for Panoramah builds on the image of the flying car to deconstruct a highly technical architectural element. Panoramah experience is a counterbalanced system between a guillotine window and a delivery van. In order to explore and expose the technical development of the bearing systems of a large scale sash-window, a delivery van of the same brand that produces these windows was introduced to counterbalance the system, replacing the usual smallsized counterweights included in these elements. The system of pulleys and bearings allowed the window to be moved up and down with a single finger, making the car consequently ascend and descend, in other words, making it fly. Panoramah experience represents an exposed architecture, in which the technical mechanisms are replaced by the elements that best symbolize its effects.

Panoramah Experience is a project by Taller de Casquería (E. Fuertes, R. Martínez, A. Molins, J. Sobejano, I. de Antonio, L. Pérez) winner of the private competition for the Jofebar stand for the 2014 Veteco construction fair in Madrid. The project was developed with the team of engineers and installers of Jofebar. The outcome was filmed by Daniel Goldmann.