NN06 is a set of objects and interventions to transform an office into a house.

Without modifying the previously existing configuration, the surface coverings of ceilings, floors and walls are removed to leave a raw base on which to act. This defines the massive, solid part of the project: the real estate. On the other hand a series of objects that look for openings and holes to fit in, that hang from the load-bearing walls or rest on the hard surfaces appear. This defines the light, removable part of the project: the furniture.

The word furniture comes from the latin word mobilis, meaning that which can be transported. Roman law already defined goods in two main categories: movable (tools, clothing, furniture, instruments, etc.) and non-movable (land, constructions, etc.). Based on this distinction appears the maxim Res mobilis, res vilis, in english something similar to the movable thing is a useless thing. NN06 targets this useless aspect, not very valuable in real estate terms, to become a set of furniture and plug-ins focused on the interior activities of the house. Something like a support structure that enable the inhabitants to live in this space.

These objects are divided into two large families, distinguished by their materiality: wooden or metallic. The blue coated metal elements hang structurally from the walls, without touching the ground. The main element is a metal «T»-shaped bookshelf located in the center of the house, which is suspended a few cm above the ground, hanging between the load-bearing walls of the building. The wooden elements, on the other hand, rest on the pre-existing floors, which were treated to lose their superficial coatings, recovering a raw, structural character. The most intimate areas of the house, bedrooms and living room, are equipped with plywood platforms, slightly elevated above the hard floors, similar to a tatami or tablao.

NN06 seeks to strengthen the value of the movable as opposed to the principles of real estate value; it seeks to reinforce the habitability of a space based on a constellation of support elements that assist its inhabitants in their daily activities.

NN06 was designed and built by BURR (E.Fuertes, R.Martínez, A.Molins, J.Sobejano) in Madrid in 2020. Amanda Novoa was the project architect; Jesús Meseguer and Pablo Navas were part of the team. The outcome was photographed by Maru Serrano.