Normal Furniture Set

Normal furniture set is a series of furniture for dwellings.

Part of the designs that surround us are interpreted as non-existent, because they are inscribed in functional elements such as tools, signals or machinery. It is assumed that the formal, chromatic and compositional decisions respond to patterns marked by the strictest functionality, although there are clear aesthetic guidelines. They form something like an aesthetic of the functional, which nevertheless has very distinct patterns: flat, elemental colors; ergonomic features or a tendency to abstraction in their shape, making it difficult for example to recognize the scale of certain object when out of context. Normal furniture set takes color and shape patterns typical of traffic signals, tools or construction machinery. The series consists of a coat rack, a towel holder, a table and a shelf, complemented by different materials that configure the support surfaces of the elements that require them.

Normal Furniture Set was designed in Madrid in 2017 by Taller de Casquería (E. Fuertes, R. Martínez, J. Sobejano, L. Pérez). The outcome was photographed by Maru Serrano.