Default Water

Default Water is an installation for the collective exhibition Las Voces del GPS, curated by Paula García Masedo and María Rogel in Centro Centro, Madrid.

Default Water started with an event that occurred in October 2010. Two persons travelling in a car were guided by a GPS device. The lack of update of its cartographic database guided the car to fall into a lake. The road chosen by the guide had been recently flooded to create an artificial lake and the lack of knowledge of the area by the travelers made them follow the indications blindly, ending up with the car under water. Default Water is a transit between two perceptions of reality, a tangible, physical version of reality and a represented,virtual version of reality. In determined conditions, cartography and territory become detached, releasing representation of its physical boundaries, gaining its own material entity. Water abandons its fluid conditions and becomes a solid and static surface. Default Water is a test of coexistence between a virtual material and a real physical environment. A walkable aquatic medium in which visitors behave like processing errors; glitches in a dehumanized environment that gets distorted as one walks across it.

Default Water is a project by Taller de Casquería (E. Fuertes, R. Martínez, A. Molins, J. Sobejano) and Ángel Zotes developed in 2017. It was curated by Paula García Masedo and María Rogel. The textile project was produced together with the designer and patternmaker Olga Sola. The outcome was photographed by Galerna Foto.