CRA is a set of support structures to temporarily transform one of the warehouses of Matadero Madrid into an Artist Residency.

The spatial proposal for the Matadero Artist Residency (CRA for its spanish acronym) is a series of elements designed to generate meeting spaces, private work spaces, storage room, a workshop or other possible uses required by resident artists in the warehouses of Matadero Madrid.
In clear reference to Celine Condorelli’s Support Structure Manifesto, these elements question the possibilities of a container space by focusing on the user. The intervention consists of elements that work on different scales. On one hand, a number elements take the shape of a «+», a «T» or an «L» seen from above, creating independent quadrants for 4, 3 or 2 resident artists, providing a space of privacy to work, spot lighting, storage and work surfaces. The arrangement of these elements in the huge Matadero Madrid warehouses generates more intimate spaces, guaranteeing independent perimeter access for each artist. At the same time a common space appears in the center of these individual capsules providing the collective of residents a place to gather. On the other hand, a semicircular aluminum structure on wheels from which a large curtain hangs, acts as a backdrop for lectures, presentations or meetings. Finally, storage and workshop spaces are separated from other uses by means of long black separation wall.

The structures try to appear as neutral, uniform elements that do not interfere with the artistic work of the residents. They deliberately adopt a temporary aesthetic, clearly positioning themselves as servant elements of the space and its users.

CRA was designed and built by BURR (E.Fuertes, R.Martínez, A.Molins, J.Sobejano) in Madrid in 2020. Amanda Novoa and Matías Rico were part of the team. Viuda de Ramirez was in charge of production. The outcome was photographed by Maru Serrano.